Should Cars Be Banned In Karachi?

Ahsan Dilshad
2 min readFeb 15, 2022, 2021

While banning cars seems like a utopian reality and the golden solution to all traffic problems, it is more of an escape rather than a solution.

Personally, I’ve been the victim of this traffic system and have firsthand experience of the problems many such as me face. While I was on a bike one day, going to work, I was met unexpectedly by a car that swerved right in front of me and, by doing so, hit the front end of the bike and made me lose my balance.

The root of all this was the flow of traffic, and the way cars are being driven in this city on a daily basis. I ended up falling on the road with many cuts and bruises. Moreover, others got affected by this entire ordeal. Another bike rider fell after colliding with my bike, and he also sustained injuries. There was a pile-up of cars which further worsened the traffic. Not only was I traumatized emotionally but affected physically and drained financially.

As much as banning cars seems optimistic, I don’t support the idea of cars being banned. Not only is the concept improbable, but it is also impractical to implement such a concept in today’s day and age.

Personally, it would cause a lot of inconvenience and problems in our day-to-day lives in terms of commuting. It would disrupt the flow of life and have long-term implications.

Moreover, it is not unreasonable to weigh in the safety concerns in a city like Karachi when it comes to cars being a more secure form of transport than rickshaws, bikes, buses, which are abundant.

An appropriate way to approach this problem would be to view alternatives that are practical and applicable. Then, the government should implement these alternatives through cohesive structures and strategies facilitated by government regulations and policies, effective awareness, action and efficient infrastructure.

Improvements in the traffic system of the city are imperative and demand attention for the betterment of not just the people but the environment and the country as a whole.