Hassan, Memon Goth, and the Mystery

Ahsan Dilshad
2 min readFeb 15, 2022
Moti Mahal, 1940s

Memon Goth is infamous for its abandoned houses and alleged supernatural activities. Located on the outskirts of Sindh, people fear and are apprehensive about the place. Nestled in Memon Goth was a cottage called Moti Mahal. Stories of Moti Mahal were not uncommon to the ordinary man. The eeriness of the cottage was attributable to the history of the massacre of a family that occurred 200 years ago. It seemed as if the pearl-white walls of the mansion tried to erase a terrifying incident. The wind that blew around the cottage almost whispered shrieks of the dead. The squawking of crows and the nocturnal activities of bats around this house gave a heavy aura of foreboding. Once inside, the place reeked of death. The walls depicted stories of the massacre which took place within. Every crevice in the cottage screamed haunted.

Despite being aware of the place and going against the advice of many he knew, Hassan chose to live in this cottage. A tall, old man in his late 60s, Hassan was a hunchback and had dirty, salt-and-pepper hair kept untidily, the length of which reached his shoulders. One look at Hassan would send shivers down one’s spine. The handful of people living around the area kept their distance from him. The filthy rags he wore looked like they had never been washed and were torn in multiple places. No one had ever seen Hassan in colored clothes, as all that he wore were monochrome and had a stench.

It was almost befitting for Hassan to choose to live here until one fine night when the indescribable happened. While he was having dinner, when the only sound in the room was the ticking of the grandfather clock, he heard someone call his name in a low whisper. Hassan was suddenly alarmed and mustered all the courage he possessed to turn and see who it was, as he was living alone in the entire cottage. Turning around, he saw nothing. With sweat running down his forehead, he continued eating. As soon as he picked his spoon to eat, he heard the whisper once again. This time, he saw a decapitated figure suspended in the air, facing him. No one knows what happened to Hassan ever since he saw that figure. It remains a mystery to this date…